From the President


Dear Neighbors,

Greetings! It's a New Year and your HRA Board is energized and looking forward to a productive year in 2019!  A huge thank you to all our past supporters, financial and otherwise!  We appreciate you!

As we look forward, let’s start with some membership changes that will simplify things for you and for the board. The biggest challenge we’ve faced on membership is maintaining a list of current members based on dues received throughout the year.  We hope you will join us in improving our great neighborhood. Please join by March 31 to be included in our publication of the 2019  membership roll.  

For details on how to join or renew, please see the membership (JOIN) page . You can always send questions, updates, or concerns regarding memberships to the email or mailing address at the bottom of that page. And, as you renew your membership, please email or talk to a board member about issues that are important to you and projects you would like us to consider in the coming year. 

Many projects could not happen without your financial support. Your membership dues are key to our success. In addition to ongoing projects, much of our community focus includes historic preservation, infill development projects, and code enforcement. We continue to discuss the impact of the guidelines set forth in the Design Overlay District (DOD). Has the DOD been effective? Does the DOD need to be changed? These are part of on-going conversations we need to have as a community, and the HRA is the forum in which to have them.

We are also focusing on expanding our reach. This, our newly  newly designed website will be updated regularly to include news, community updates and volunteer opportunities. 

Also, we have a Facebook page but it needs volunteers to help “feed the feed.” We need additional help creating content for email deployments. If you have content for either, or if you would like to volunteer to manage the Facebook page, please send me a note. You can reach me at We believe this outreach will result in a better-informed and involved neighborhood. 

In closing, please attend our regular HRA Board meetings at Hillcrest Hall. It’s a great opportunity to meet new friends, ask questions and join or renew memberships.  Board meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 6:00 pm at Hillcrest Hall (Kavanaugh @ Lee). We hope you will join us there as we work to make our great neighborhood even better! 

Best regards,



Board Members

Marian Boyd:

Nathalie Coulter:

Lisa Davis:

Janet Flegal:

Jim Hathaway:

Antoinette Johnson:

Luke Kramer:

Karen Konarski-Hart: 

Laurel Lawrence:

Nancy Leonhardt:

Eric McDaniel:

Barbara Miles:

Beth Phelps:

Pittman Ware:

Our Officers

President: Eric McDaniel

Vice President: Jim Hathaway

Secretary: Nancy Leonhardt

Treasurer: Beth Phelps

Communications Committee: Barbara Miles (Chair), Jessie Bates, Janet Flegal, Pittman Ware

Membership Committee: Marian Boyd (Chair), Lisa Davis, Luke Kramer, Laurel Lawrence, Barbara Miles, Carol Vick

Schools Committee: Nathalie Coulter (Chair), Nancy Leonhardt

Planning/Preservation Committee: Laurel Lawrence (Chair), Antoinette Johnson, Bob Keltner

Newsletter Committee: Jim Hathaway (Chair), Arthur Paul Bowen

Safety Committee: Barbara Miles (Chair), Karen Konarski-Hart, Chris White

By-Laws Committee: Jim Hathaway (Chair), Antoinette Johnson, Karen Konarski-Hart, Eric McDaniel, Beth Phelps

Design Overlay District Committee: Bruce McMath (Chair), John Burnett, Antoinette Johnson, Carolyn Newbern, Chris Parker, Bill Rector, Scott Smith

Parks Committee: Lisa Davis (Chair), Marian Boyd, Ren Bressinck, Carol Vick