From the President

Hello neighbors! 

Have you seen the “Community” sculpture on the Promenade in Allsopp Park? This is Hillcrest’s first public art (that I’m aware of), and it is very exciting! Thanks to Director Dean Kumpuris and the Sculpture at the River Market organization for this great opportunity! Please see the separate article in this edition to learn more about the sculpture, the artist, and how you can support this and future pieces of public art in Hillcrest. 

Another project in the works is the UAMS “Energy Project” along the Pine/Cedar corridor. UAMS C.O.O. Christina Clark presented preliminary plans at the September HRA meeting. You may already know the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees recently approved a $156 million bond issue for the project to move forward. Ms. Clark has agreed to return with updates as the project progresses. We will give you plenty of notice so you can calendar and attend. 

Parking is an issue we have begun looking into in more detail. It’s been challenging for years, and it’s not going to get any better with all the great new restaurants and businesses popping up! Don’t be surprised to learn we’re considering creative solutions like public transportation. Rock Region Metro has pilot projects throughout Central Arkansas, and it’s time for Hillcrestians to consider all forms of public transportation. Stay tuned!

The Design Overlay District Committee continues their methodical consideration of potential ways to help preserve the historical character of Hillcrest. Any recommendations coming out of this effort will be broadly shared and your feedback strongly encouraged. Thanks again to Bruce McMath and the rest of the committee (listed below) for their hard work. 

The Hillcrest Historic Neighborhood Design Handbook is a creation of the HRA Preservation & Planning Committee and contains a wealth of information and suggestions for preserving the historic character of Hillcrest. We hope you find its content helpful. Please keep it around the house and share with neighbors, both current and future!

Lastly, I appreciate the increased number of folks that have helped on the board and committees lately.  There is still plenty of work to go around.  Keep in mind we will have a number of board positions available each spring going forward.  Please reach out if you have time and energy to share!  My email address is

Best regards, 

Eric McDaniel 


Board Members

Marian Boyd:

Nathalie Coulter:

Lisa Davis:

Janet Flegal:

Jim Hathaway:

Antoinette Johnson:

Luke Kramer:

Karen Konarski-Hart: 

Laurel Lawrence:

Nancy Leonhardt:

Eric McDaniel:

Barbara Miles:

Beth Phelps:

Pittman Ware:

Our Officers

President: Eric McDaniel

Vice President: Jim Hathaway

Secretary: Nancy Leonhardt

Treasurer: Beth Phelps

Communications Committee: Barbara Miles (Chair), Jessie Bates, Janet Flegal, Pittman Ware

Membership Committee: Marian Boyd (Chair), Lisa Davis, Luke Kramer, Laurel Lawrence, Barbara Miles, Carol Vick

Schools Committee: Katherine Lu (Chair), Nancy Leonhardt

Planning/Preservation Committee: Laurel Lawrence (Chair), Antoinette Johnson, Bob Keltner

Newsletter Committee: Jim Hathaway (Chair), Arthur Paul Bowen

Parks Committee: Lisa Davis (Chair), Marian Boyd, Ren Bressinck, Carol Vick

Safety Committee: Barbara Miles (Chair), Karen Konarski-Hart, Chris White

By-Laws Committee: Jim Hathaway (Chair), Antoinette Johnson, Karen Konarski-Hart, Eric McDaniel, Beth Phelps

Design Overlay District Committee: Bruce McMath (Chair), John Burnett, Antoinette Johnson, Carolyn Newbern, Chris Parker, Bill Rector, Scott Smith