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Hillcrest Community Lenten Services

Hillcrest Community Lenten Services began March 8, 2019. Every Friday from noon to 1pm, different churches in Hillcrest take turns hosting the service, during which different Hillcrest preachers take turns speaking. The half hour service is followed by a luncheon. Anybody is invited!

Proposed change of the historic preservation tax credit:

This proposal would lower the minimum amount one must spend on his building from $25,000 to $5,000 to be eligible for the state credit. This would be extremely helpful for those in hillcrest wanting to do a little work on their historic home. For more information, visit Walter Wright's article:

We’d like to encourage residents to contact any Arkansas legislator that they may know to tell them the importance of this bill and encourage them to vote for it.  Here’s the contact info of the legislators:

HRA meetings second Monday of every month -- 6pm at Hillcrest Hall

Held the second Monday of every month at 6pm at Hillcrest Hall, HRA meetings are open to the public. Members may request issues to be addressed on the agenda by contacting the president -- -- in advance. 

Committee Reports

Communications Committee Report

The Communication Committee is in charge of the Hillcrest Residents Association newsletter. Other board members are currently working hard to get a website and Facebook presence up and running. 

Crime Committee Report

The new Division Chief, Crystal Young Haskins, did a very good job presenting and answering question about the Ward 3 neighborhoods east of University. While overall crime is down, issues remain, including lowering violent crime, improving response times, and locking cars and removing valuables. Hillcrest and the Heights have a disproportionate share of auto thefts and auto B & E's, with the majority being unlocked cars. The 12th Street meeting - which includes Hillcrest - meets at the 12th Street Station at 6:00pm. The next three meetings are April 11, July 11, and October 10.

Planning and Zoning Committee Report

The Planning and Zoning Committee is responsible for reviewing any notices from the City regarding changes to the neighborhood; assessing their impact to the neighborhood; making a report to the Hillcrest Resident’s Association; in some cases, contacting residents who could potentially be impacted by the changes; and communicating with the City regarding details and the association’s position if needed.  

Treasurer Report - February 2019


Membership - $470.00

Total - $470.00


PHMS Panther Prowl - $500.00

Constant Contact (2 months) - $140.00

CALS Foundation - $250.00

HAM Trees - $400.00

Retreat Expense and Note Cards - $256.83

Mutt Mitts - $732.85

Total - $2,279.68

Ending Checking Balance - $9,075.69

Pay Pal - $2,387.02

Total Assets - $11,462.71

Next Meeting's Agenda

Files coming soon.