NOTICE: Click below for the Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, in addition to the original versions. 

In the Know

NOTICE: Annual Meeting of the HRA -- May 13th, 6pm

Notice is hereby given to the members of the Hillcrest Residents Association that the Annual Meeting of the Members will be held on Monday, May 13 at 6:00 pm, at Hillcrest Hall at Kavanaugh Blvd. and Lee St.  All members who are current in their dues shall be entitled to vote.

Items to come before the members for a vote are:

1.  Election of five (5) new Directors; 

2.  Consideration of proposed Amended and Restated Articles and By-Laws; and 

3.  Such other matters as may be properly brought before the meeting.

The Board has proposed a slate of nominees for director consisting of Lisa Davis, Janet Flegal, Luke Kramer, Nancy Leonhardt, and Pittman Ware.

To view the Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, download the files above -- "Amended Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws."

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HRA meetings second Monday of every month -- 6pm at Hillcrest Hall

Held the second Monday of every month at 6pm at Hillcrest Hall, HRA meetings are open to the public. Members may request issues to be addressed on the agenda by contacting the president -- -- in advance. 

Committee Reports

Communications Committee Report

The Communication Committee is in charge of the Hillcrest Residents Association newsletter. Other board members are currently working hard to get a website and Facebook presence up and running. 

Crime Committee Report

The new Division Chief, Crystal Young Haskins, did a very good job presenting and answering question about the Ward 3 neighborhoods east of University. While overall crime is down, issues remain, including lowering violent crime, improving response times, and locking cars and removing valuables. Hillcrest and the Heights have a disproportionate share of auto thefts and auto B & E's, with the majority being unlocked cars. The 12th Street meeting - which includes Hillcrest - meets at the 12th Street Station at 6:00pm. The next two meetings are July 11 and October 10.

Planning and Preservation Committee Report

 The Preservation/ Planning Committee is responsible for reviewing any notices from the City regarding changes to the neighborhood; assessing their impact to the neighborhood; making a report to the Hillcrest Resident’s Association; in some cases, contacting residents who could potentially be impacted by the changes; and communicating with the City regarding details and the association’s position if needed.  This committee is also responsible for educating and advocating for the neighborhood on the importance of preserving the Hillcrest Historic District.  

Currently, the committee is working on a booklet that will be given out to residents and business owners explaining preservation techniques, answering common preservation-related questions and explaining how to tackle common challenges with historic buildings.  It will also feature a section on the proper way to build an addition or new construction and still keep the historic standing of your building or the street you are building on.