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LRSD Request to Delay CAB Vote (pdf)


Short Term Rental Panel Discussion 2020 (pdf)


Entergy Tree Cleanup

The HRA is currently in communications with a representative from Entergy and their arborist about the foliage in our neighborhood.  Due to the recent storms, we had a lot of downed trees and power lines.  But thanks to the great men and women at Entergy, they got us powered back up quickly.  However, if you still have limbs taken down by Entergy that have not been removed, ruts in your yard from trucks that have not been repaired, or other clean up due to the storms that Entergy has not addressed yet, please contact our HRA president, Eric McDaniel

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HRA meetings second Monday of every month -- 6pm at Hillcrest Hall

Held the second Monday of every month at 6pm at Hillcrest Hall, HRA meetings are open to the public. Members may request issues to be addressed on the agenda by contacting the president -- -- in advance. 

NOTICE: Click below for the Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws.

Committee Reports

Communications Committee Report

The Communication Committee is in charge of the Hillcrest Residents Association newsletter. Other board members are currently working hard to get a website and Facebook presence up and running. 

Crime Committee Report

The HRA is working with the Hillcrest Neighborhood Watch (HNW), Hillcrest Merchants Association and the developers of to develop strategies to increase awareness to Hillcrest neighbors about crime, strengthen our Neighborhood Watch group and coordinate with the City of Little Rock and the LRPD. If you are interested in helping with this effort, please contact Barbara Miles at and look at the blogpost on our website for more ideas that we would like to implement! Also, attend the LRPD's quarterly meetings at 3917 W 12th St. (the next scheduled meeting is April 18 at 6pm), and like the HNW facebook page and the HRA facebook page for updates on issues related to safety and crime, and meeting updates.

Planning and Preservation Committee Report

Over the past few months the Preservation and Planning Committee has been focused on the following issues/projects:

  1. Hillcrest Design Guide - Hillcrest Design Guide successfully distributed to the neighborhood and available at HarvestFest. Generally feedback is positive so far.
  2. UAMS Development - Planning Notes from last HRA meeting on UAMS projects have been sent to Christina Clark.  She has agreed to keep the HRA in the loop on their progress.  
  3. Short Term Rentals - On January 13 the Preservation and Planning Committee hosted a panel discussion on Short Term Rentals including Jamie Collins from LR Planning, Nikki Parnell from LRCVB and Boyd Mayer from Capital Zoning.  The committee will summarize feedback from the neighborhood to formulate recommendations to the City on a possible ordinance.

In addition, the Preservation and Planning committee regularly reviews re-zoning requests from the City to determine if neighborhood action is recommended. The upcoming agenda for the committee includes a follow up on the UAMS Projects, and a discussion of Transportation and Parking in Hillcrest.

Membership Committee Report

The membership committee has recently completed an annual membership campaign and recruited new members. We currently have approximately 200 households in the neighborhood. The committee meets on June 19 to develop a plan of action for the coming year with a goal of increasing membership and engagement in the neighborhood. A summary of that meeting will be on line as it is available. If you would like to join the membership committee, please contact Any current member is eligible to participate and we welcome new ideas!

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee’s work culminated with the approval by the membership at the annual meeting on May 13 of Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation and Amended and Restated By-Laws.  These new documents modernize provisions relating to governance of the Association and can be found above, in the "In the Know" section.