It has been said that you could live your whole life in Hillcrest and never need to leave. Hillcrest is unique because it acts as a small village in the middle of Little Rock, Arkansas. We are  bounded by Markham Street with it's hospitals and healthcare facilities, University Avenue with major Big Box stores, Allsopp Park for recreation, and Stifft Station and Capitol View neighborhood with Schools for the Deaf and Blind. Hillcrest is a historic community, listed on the National Register of Historic Places with our own commercial center, schools, post office, banks, parks, restaurants, churches and a variety of styles of unique homes.  Most amenities are within walking or biking distances. The old trolley route down Kavanaugh Boulevard is the main business location but there is plenty to see or do off that path. Relax in the green spaces and enjoy the historic architecture from the 1890s to the 1940s.  

Come for a day or come to stay; you're always welcome!



 The  mission of the Hillcrest Residents Association is to encourage a sense  of community, preserve the historic character, promote safety, protect  the parks, and support the neighborhood schools and commercial district  in Hillcrest.